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Oh crap, I just realized like 3 more people actually looked at this blog, so now I have to write something. Oh god help me.

OK, here goes. I blew off a meeting today. That’s right, just totally did not go. Actually it was a conference call, and I DIDN’T CALL IN. Can you believe I would do something this brash and irresponsible? Of course I would, sillies. Because I had way more important things to do, like finishing my jigsaw puzzle (pictured below – sorry for the glare, just couldn’t get a good angle), signing my son up for swim class at the Y, yakking with my MIL, and figuring out what to make for dinner, and then going on the hunting gathering mission to make said dinner.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am just totally uninspired about cooking. I mean, I really like to cook, but sometimes the ideas just don’t flow, like with this whole blog thing. Anyway, DH (I guess I should give him a name…. how about Miles? ) Miles told me that our local grocery had chicken leg quarters on sale for 59 cents a pound, and I’m like OK I’m there. We like legs! So I decide to make said chicken legs and go to the store and see that one must purchase a 10 pound bag. So, for the second time today, I threw caution to the wind AND BOUGHT A TEN POUND BAG OF CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS. No, I did not make all 10 pounds. Three on the grill and the rest in the freezer – I figure we can get at least 4 meals out of it – oh, and did I mention I’m cheap? So, BBQ it is. I make my own sauce – here’s the recipe which I got off of cooks.com at some point. We love it!

1/4 c. water
1/4 c. vinegar
2 T. oil
1/2 c. ketchup
3 T. Worcestershire sauce
1 T. dry mustard
1/2 t. pepper

Combine all ingredients and simmer 10 minutes.

Oh, and here are the promised pics of the puzzle.