I just had to share this post from Amalah.com, not for the part about the business trip, but for the photo below the fold. It reminds me of the time we lost Luke Skywalker’s head in the garbage disposal…

I was washing Luke because he had some sort of gross, sticky, day-old gunk on his head, and as I was giving him a good scrubbing, his head popped off, and I couldn’t find it anywhere, and my son was distraught, and OMG WHAT ARE WE DOING TO DO, and husband says why did you lose his head, like I did it on purpose, and it was just a complete fucking disaster, which we promptly forgot about 4.5 seconds later.

A few days after this horrific incident, I turned on the garbage disposal, and it made this GOD AWFUL noise, and literally ground to a stop. I’m thinking, oh great, now I’ve got to call the plumber, and how much is that going to cost, and so I search the internet like a fool getting all kinds of advice on how to unstick a garbage disposal, one technique apparently requiring a broomstick and a flame-thrower. So, just as I am about to capitulate to the agony of defeat and send several hundred dollars down the non-working drain, I finally have this most amazing thought – why don’t I take that rubber thingy that covers the drain out, so I can actually see into the disposal. WOW, I fucking amaze myself sometimes!

I don’t know if you’ve ever removed that rubber thingy, but OMG it is disgusting! I about hurl at the sight of this brown slime on the underside of that thing, but soldier on. I stick my hand down there (no, I don’t think we turned off the power, that would have been too logical) and try to move the blades without slicing off my fingers. They give a little, and then POP, out flies Luke’s head, which looks like, and smells like, it had been chewed on by a wampa. Husband, always helpful, says “way to go,” and not like “way to save us $100 for not having to call the plumber,” but like “way to go you fractured Luke’s skull.” Not being as creative as Amy with her juice straw light sabers, I retired Luke to the rest home for unrepairable toys. We did salvage his light saber though.